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  1. Allow for the creation of custom reports which can include any and all data that is imported into Accudemia.  ·  completed

  2. Allow individuals to have data entry and reporting access for multiple centers  ·  declined

  3. Query student upon login  ·  completed

  4. We would like to be able to schedule an export of center data for reporting purposes  ·  completed

  5. Add support for Shibboleth or CAS authentication for SSO authentication  ·  declined

  6. Allow for bulk sign-in/sign-out upload of .csv file for a specific center via the Data Exchange tool.  ·  declined

  7. Allow more reports to be exported through the Accudemia Data Exchange  ·  declined

  8. add a Date Filter and Class Filter in Attendance Report  ·  completed

  9. Limit Instructor Access  ·  declined

  10. Develop a version of Accudemia Data Exchange for Linux  ·  declined

  11. Have Required Field for Appointments  ·  completed

  12. Survey Results report showing each person's responses to each survey question  ·  completed

  13. add a service filter to Attendance Summary report

  14. Include ALL student/user related data to the EDIT STUDENT screen  ·  declined

  15. Reorder the columns in the session log CSV.  ·  under review

  16. Add Section Numbers to export function in Session Logs/Reports.

  17. We would like to have the option to include tutor IDs in reports and in exports of session logs.

  18. Add a response at sign in when no tutor is available.  ·  declined

  19. Add an Administration tool to pause or suspend student access to services  ·  declined

  20. Adding to Traffic Analysis data. Include reports by services for date and time.  ·  completed

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