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  1. Allow for the creation of custom reports which can include any and all data that is imported into Accudemia.  ·  completed

  2. Allow individuals to have data entry and reporting access for multiple centers  ·  declined

  3. Query student upon login  ·  completed

  4. We would like to be able to schedule an export of center data for reporting purposes  ·  completed

  5. Add support for Shibboleth or CAS authentication for SSO authentication

  6. Allow for bulk sign-in/sign-out upload of .csv file for a specific center via the Data Exchange tool.

  7. Allow more reports to be exported through the Accudemia Data Exchange

  8. add a Date Filter and Class Filter in Attendance Report  ·  completed

  9. Limit Instructor Access

  10. Develop a version of Accudemia Data Exchange for Linux  ·  declined

  11. Have Required Field for Appointments  ·  completed

  12. Survey Results report showing each person's responses to each survey question

  13. Include ALL student/user related data to the EDIT STUDENT screen  ·  declined

  14. Add a response at sign in when no tutor is available.  ·  declined

  15. Adding to Traffic Analysis data. Include reports by services for date and time.  ·  completed

  16. Add student ID numbers to Survey Completions Report

  17. add an option to merge user accounts

  18. We would like to be able to export information per term in Administration section, below the Advanced option.  ·  under review

  19. Add an Administration tool to pause or suspend student access to services

  20. Make the staff filter automatically available on the attendance by staff report  ·  completed

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